Managing construction building programs is Touchstone’s core competency. We bring our passion for high performance to every project, no matter the size or project scope. To our clients, every need is pressing and every outcome is critical. Rest assured, Touchstone will take care of your project concerns and deliver a high quality project on schedule and in budget. You will not be disappointed in the services you receive from the Touchstone CPM team.


We are a team with knowledge and experience dedicated to exceed your goals.


Determining the project delivery method is one of the most important decisions made by the owner before embarking on a construction project. Choosing the best method for any project must start with a good understanding of choices available. Touchstone CPM has proven experience with each of the following project delivery methods:

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)Construction Manager Agency (CMA), and Design-Build (DB).

construction manager at risk

The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is a delivery method that entails a commitment by the Construction Manager (CM) to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), which is based on the construction documents and specifications at the time of the GMP, plus any reasonably inferred items or tasks. The CMAR provides professional services and acts as the project manager and consultant to the owner in the design development and all stages of the construction process.

construction manager agency

Construction Manager Agency (CMA) is a fee-based service in which the Construction Manager (CM) is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s interest. With this project delivery method, the CM is only providing project management advice and has no financial guarantee of responsibility to the owner. The owner also holds the subcontracts and assumes the risks of delivery including cost and schedule.


Design-Build (DB) – This method of project delivery includes one entity (design-builder) and a single contract with the owner where the design-builder provides both architectural/engineering design services and construction. In many cases, Design-Build is used for construction projects where the owner has clearly established the requirements prior to design.


Touchstone CPM’s breadth of construction management services is all encompassing and you will receive professional project oversight throughout all stages of the construction process including: PreconstructionConstruction Management , and Project Closeout

Should you need Owner Representative Services, we’ve got you covered. As your Owner’s Rep, we plug into your existing internal team to help them understand and manage the intricate details of your building project. We offer your team process and technical expertise to help you make the thousands of decisions required in a timely manner.


Touchstone’s team of experts who oversee the reconstruction phase of the project, in collaboration with the owner and project Architect/Engineer. Elements of the Preconstruction phase our team will handle include:

  • Project Estimate and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

  • Responsibility Matrix

  • Project Schedule (continued through duration of project)

  • Value Engineering 

  • Design-Assist

  • Subcontractor Bid Preparation & Bid Award


Upon completion of the preconstruction stage of the project, Touchstone will seamlessly transition the project to the Construction Management team where you can expect: 

  • On-site Management (dedicated jobsite superintendent)

  • Project Scheduling (continued through duration of project)

  • Budget Control Oversight

  • Quality Assurance 

  • Subcontractor Management

  • Ongoing Project Communication 

  • Project Specific Safety Plan


Touchstone understands the importance of an effective and efficient closeout process. A timely, well-organized project closeout is critical to each project’s success. This process is so important that we have dedicated staff to this specialized component of the project to ensure the owner can seamlessly take ownership of their new facilities. Touchstone’s closeout criteria include:

  • Systems Start Up & Testing 

  • Commissioning 

  • Confirmation of Warranties/Guarantees

  • Owner Training & Documentation 

  • 11-Month Inspection

  • Warranty Service


Touchstone is also capable of providing Owner’s Representative Services to owners who need a trusted advisor with extensive project management experience, to present all your options and help you make an informed decision through all stages of the construction project. As your Owner’s Representative, we will work as your project advocate and act as the binding agent between designers, contractors and your organization to help you successfully manage your construction project.