About Touchstone CPM

Founded in 2003, Touchstone CPM is a professional construction planning and management firm based in Lima, Ohio. Having completed over $1.5 billion in public building projects throughout Ohio, Touchstone CPM, a subsidiary of Tuttle Services, Inc., specializes in utilizing various project delivery methods and disciplines of construction management to provide owner’s with high quality, on schedule and in budget building projects. Touchstone’s industry expertise is not limited by project size or scope… Whether your project budget is less than $1 million or in excess of $50 million, Touchstone CPM is capable of managing your project with personalized service to achieve our Mission of providing professional construction management services that exceeds our customer’s expectations.


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. “  – John F. Kennedy

At Touchstone CPM, every employee is accountable and strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. To us, it’s all about working as a team to satisfy our own drive to perform the best we can for the benefit of our clients. We have a dynamic team of people who possess a “do whatever it takes” mindset coupled with a strong work ethic to achieve outstanding results.


When building or renovating a new facility, energy efficiencies and being environmentally conscious is on the minds of many Owners. Touchstone has the capabilities, knowledge and certified staff to provide clients direction on implementation of ‘green’ building practices and materials that will help save dollars immediately and long term operationally. Touchstone CPM embraces LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) practices in every project, even when the client has not required LEED practices and certification as a project criteria. We look for ways to minimize the impact the building project’s footprint will leave on our environment by seeking cost saving energy efficient methods to recommend to the client. This even includes recycling construction debris materials for repurposing and lessen the amount of debris in landfills. 

Touchstone CPM is one of only a handful of construction managers in the State of Ohio that is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and employs LEED accredited staff. We not only construct LEED projects, but educate others about the long-term benefits of green building practices.