• Educate the owner on the construction process so that decisions can be made in a timely manner, allowing resources to be used efficiently. 
  • Assist the owner in discussions and design decisions with the Architect/Engineer in the development of the drawings and specifications. 
  • Assist the owner in defining any areas that may require an allowance or contingency money to be budgeted. 
  • Provide input regarding bonding and insurance requirements. 
  • Review, with the owner and design team, all bids and if necessary, conduct interviews with contractors to clarify their understanding of their scope of work. 
  • Provide input and make recommendations for the awarding of contracts to contractors. 
  • Review contracts with owner prior to owner’s endorsement.  
  • Conduct an executive partnering meeting with the owner and the design team. This will set the foundation of the team environment for the duration of the project.

 Pre-Design/Program of Requirements (POR) Phase

  • Development of design phase schedule. 
  • Partnering / team building. 
  • Review overall master plan. 
  • Coordinate Local Funded Initiative (LFI) needs (if applicable). 
  • Assist in bond campaign.  

Design Phase: Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), Construction Documents (CD)

  • Develop responsibility list between the owner, CM & A/E. 
  • Design manual compliance. 
  • Attend design review meetings.
  • Develop project schedule. 
  • Develop project construction estimate at each design sub-phase. 
  • Develop cash flow analysis. 
  • Value-engineering & constructability review.
  • Coordination of contract documents. 
  • Long-lead item review. 
  • Analyze special safety needs. 
  • Analyze local bid market. 
  • Develop interest in bid market. 
  • Assist A/E in obtaining permits.  

Procurement Phase

  • Bid management. 
  • Manage pre-bid meetings.
  • Conduct bid analysis.
  • EEO review.
  • Manage post-bid interviews.

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