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Whether your project involves an expansion, an upgrade of your existing facility or an entirely new building altogether, Touchstone CPM will partner with you during the funding, design and construction phases to confirm all aspects of the project are well-defined, coordinated and understood.

Owners are wise to seek qualified representation to work on the Owner's behalf in ensuring that projects will achieve their intended goals. The term "qualified," however, can have somewhat of a loose definition. An Owner's Representative, (O/R) for any given project, should be fully capable of protecting the Owner's interests from risks or threats in any form. What many Owners don't consider, though, is that inaction, lack of experience, inappropriate responses to external demands and lack of foresight can pose as great a threat to their interests as external, adversarial threats as well.

During the design phase, we develop your project schedule and project budget, evaluate special safety needs, and coordinate the bid market and contract documentation. Touchstone CPM establishes working relationships and responsibilities for all members of the project.

We monitor all phases of construction ensuring compliance with specifications and plans, including safety issues. Project controls and reviews guarantee efficient and effective management. Advanced and comprehensive scheduling controls can often lead to accelerated delivery.

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