Touchstone CPM provides services in the integral functions of project management, time management, cost management and project/contract administration for each of the phases of a construction program:  pre-design, design, bid and award, construction and post construction.

Our primary objective in managing each project is to establish a planned approach and ensure rapid, effective and thorough project direction. Touchstone’s services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art services designed to produce a quality-building project, on time and within budget.

Unbiased and professional advice and an unrelenting pursuit of finding the best solution to deliver facilities that meet the needs of today’s commercial clients –that is our goal!

With Touchstone as your Construction Manager, we will work as a pure manager or we can also custom blend our self perform capabilities with our Construction Management services to meet your special needs.

The Touchstone team will help you in such crucial areas such as:

  • Budgeting, release and use of funds throughout the project. 
  • Establishing a "responsibility matrix" of design consultant/project team roles, along with the integration of milestone  activities into the master schedule. 
  • Control of the scope of work.
  • Optimum use of other firm’s talents and resources. 
  • Avoiding delays, changes, disputes and cost overruns. 
  • Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement. 
  • Assuring the project is built to specification to meet your needs.

The Touchstone team provides specific expertise for all facets of the delivery (construction and closeout) without the owner having to retain individuals on the payroll for specific tasks. By involving the Touchstone team in the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free construction process. This will allow you to keep your resources dedicated to your ongoing business operations.

You will be investing valuable dollars on a facility with a useful life measured in decades.  The Touchstone team will help you maximize that investment and will help insure that funds and current assets are used wisely. 

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