Construction Management


  • Be the focal point for the prime contractors on all issues throughout the construction phase. 
  • Review all contractor value-engineering ideas and offer recommendations to the owner/design team. 
  • Ensure that the prime contractors have determined any long lead items that may hinder the overall project schedule and has taken steps to insure their timely delivery. 
  • Ensure that owner-provided items are delivered on time to prevent delay to the project schedule. 
  • Determine any owner specific milestones that need to be met and establish a detailed understanding of how these milestones are to be met by all of the contractors. 
  • Monitor and manage the progress of the project for compliance to the project documents and project schedule. 
  • Acknowledge potential scheduling problems and suggest alternate uses of resources to maintain compliance with project milestones. 
  • Review and recommend payment of contractor pay applications. 
  • Monitor the budget and do all that is possible to minimize the number (and financial impact) of contract change orders. 
  • Review contract change orders for owner’s approval. 
  • Anticipate potential problems and provide plausible solutions in a timely manner. 
  • To continue the teamwork created by the owner and design team, a team-partnering meeting will be conducted.  

  Construction Phase 

  • Establish on-site lines of authority. 
  • Manage & monitor trade contractors. 
  • Conduct progress meetings. 
  • Monitor & update schedule. 
  • Monitor staffing levels of trade contractors.
  • Monitor project costs. 
  • Monitor use of allowances. 
  • Monitor safety plans. 
  • Establish on-site project accounting. 
  • Coordinate Requests For Information (RFI’s). 
  • Manage submittal logs. 
  • Coordinate change orders. 
  • Review contractor payment applications. 
  • Inspect work of trade contractors. 
  • Manage shop drawing process. 
  • Maintain project records. 
  • Write monthly progress reports.

 Closeout/Occupancy/Activation Phase

  • Organize & manage completion of punch list. 
  • Manage systems start-up. 
  • Schedule training for staff. 
  • Organize warranties. 
  • Furnish manuals and documentation to owner.

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